MeetVibe for Education

MeetVibe for Education

Discover and Network

MeetVibe’s phone-to-phone technology helps students build a rich academic and professional network. The Around Me feature allows students to identify and connect with peers, mentors and professors. Supporting your goal to prepare students for success both during studies as well as after graduation. Elevate all your university activities and events for participants to make valuable connections.

Engage and Inform

Beaconing is the latest cutting edge technology to target your communications exclusively to mobile phones within a certain perimeter. Your messages aren’t lost in an email box nor sent to the entire student body. Define a time and customizable message with the agenda for Frosh Week or graduation ceremonies. Stage several beacons across campus and broadcast student notifications.

Delight Donors and Sponsors

Show your appreciation and kick your events up a notch with custom donor’s messages at performing arts, sporting and all your school events. Diversify revenue stream by forging partnerships with brands your students love, and reach your fundraising goals via our unique advertising method. Push coupons or QR codes directly to the mobile phones of attendees in proximity.

For Students

Quickly Integrate Into New Environments

Easily integrate into your new environment by identifying people with similar interests. Whether you’re in the lecture hall, in your dorm, or at orientation, our Around Me feature provides you with the confidence to find your people in a crowd of new faces, as well as the information you need to make a great first impression.

Find a Mentor or Academic Supervisor

You’ve got the grades and the ideas. Now you just need the right thesis supervisor to guide you to the finish line. Once you’ve clicked with the perfect mentor, our calendar viewing tool makes finding mutually available times for discussion and feedback with your busy supervisor quick and easy.

Build Relationships that Last a Lifetime

The people we meet during our college years have a transformative effect on our lives, but strengthening these bonds takes effort and dedication. Foster your relationships with easy scheduling using our calendar availability tool to stay connected to the friends who encourage you and the mentors who motivate you.

Copy/Paste Into Your Invite the Ready-to-Use MeetVibe Instructions

-- Start Copy/Paste --
Maximize networking opportunities. Get MeetVibe for iOS or Android and connect with the right people at the right time. The phone-to-phone Bluetooth technology allows you to discover and view the profiles of people in your proximity. Update your Profile Photo and the Talk to Me About line to get conversations off to a meaningful start!
-- End Copy/Paste --

Business Solutions

Advertise with in-app map icons, messages, and coupons. The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are now available offline through our Bluetooth Beacon-based integrated solution. Engage in real time with your customers and gather powerful analytics about their behavior.

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