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MeetVibe for Venues

Digitize Your Space

Micro-location and proximity are concepts with an extraordinary implementation progress within big buildings with multiple complex destinations, starting from shared office spaces and finishing with malls, exhibition and convention centers, airports and stadiums. Digitize your venue, take it from concrete to IoT-driven interactions.

Contextualize Your App

Get the Vibe iOS/Android SDK for your app to engage with those within your venue by delivering welcome messages or tempting coupons. Extend online marketing capabilities on the ground, in the moment. Surprise your app users with the information they want exactly when they need it – directly onto their mobile phones.

Real-time Analytics

Our beacons use geofencing to define an area for message delivery. Perimeter, time, date, and action triggering the message are all customizable settings. By staging several beacons throughout your venue powerful analytics can be gathered such as traffic patterns, heat mapping and visitors’ behavior.

Business Solutions

Advertise with in-app messages, URLs and coupons. The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are now available offline through our Bluetooth Beacon-based integrated solution. Engage in real time with your customers and gather powerful analytics about their behavior.

Ready to take your app and venue to the next level of engagement?

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