MeetVibe Organizer

MeetVibe for Event Organizers

Increase Your Event’s Networking Value

Help participants connect and follow-up. Our new phone-to-phone feature allows participants to read the profiles of others in their proximity. This provides valuable information to assess whom to approach according to their interests and networking objectives. Connecting profiles on MeetVibe then enables simplified scheduling for finding mutually convenient times to follow-up.

Engage and Surprise Your Attendees

Provide an improved event experience to your attendees by delivering push notifications or content links as participants enter your event. Guide people to a registration desk with an event map or attract more prospects to a booth with a game or tempting coupons. Surprise them with the right information they want exactly when they need it – directly onto their mobile phones.

Sponsor Value and Revenue Opportunity

Advertise with in-app map icons, sponsor’s messages, and coupons. Our beacons use geofencing to define an area for message delivery. Perimeter, time, date, and action triggering the message are all customizable settings. By staging several beacons throughout the event, powerful analytics can be gathered such as traffic patterns, heat mapping and visitors’ behavior.

For Your Participants

Maximize Networking Opportunities

Our phone-to-phone technology allows participants to view the profiles of people around them. Each profile has a “Talk to Me About” section providing a brief understanding of one another’s objectives and potential shared interests. Save everyone time, ease introductions and get conversations off to a meaningful start.

Instant Access to Event Content

We connect people and relevant information, giving participants what they want to know – when they want to know it. Receive welcome instructions, event schedules, maps and coupons upon arrival directly onto their mobile phone. Always provide the most updated event information to their fingertips.

Achieve More with Less Effort

No more forgotten names, copying business cards into your contact list or wasting time organizing a follow-up. Connect profiles and enable simplified scheduling to get: calendar availability viewing, dynamic Google Maps™, 24-hour RSVP limits, and automated arriving text messages. Always find the right time to build meaningful relationships!

Copy/Paste Into Your Invite the Ready-to-Use MeetVibe Instructions

-- Start Copy/Paste --
Maximize networking opportunities and connect with the right people. Before the event, download the MeetVibe app Enable Bluetooth on your device to receive event-specific information. Update your Profile Photo, the Talk to Me About line and discover the profiles of fellow participants in your proximity.
-- End Copy/Paste --