Attending PodCamp Toronto?

Get the App. Connect with the Right People.


Maximize networking opportunities. Our phone-to-phone technology allows participants to view the profiles of people around them. Each profile has a “Talk to Me About” section providing a brief understanding of one another’s objectives and potential shared interests. Save everyone time and ease introductions to get conversations off to a meaningful start.


We connect people and relevant information, giving participants what they want to know – when they want to know it. Receive welcome instructions, event schedules, maps and coupons upon arrival directly onto your mobile phone. Always have the most updated event content and real-time information at your fingertips.


No more forgotten names, copying business cards into your contact list or wasting time organizing a follow-up. Connect profiles and enable simplified scheduling to get: calendar availability viewing, dynamic Google Maps™, 24-hour RSVP limits, and automated arriving text messages. Always find the time to build meaningful relationships!