How Much Time Can We Save You?

Anyone who uses a mobile phone to schedule appointments can benefit from the convenience of MeetVibe. It can take upwards of seven emails over two-three days for two people to find a commonly convenient meeting time and location, resulting in wasted time and missed opportunities. With MeetVibe, your calendar, contacts and location are fully integrated into the scheduling experience.


Catching up with an old friend? Juggling professional, personal  and children’s activities? Want to make sure everybody gets to the right place, at the right time? Identify and communicate both the When? and the Where?

No More Back and Forth

Difficulty in finding a mutually convenient time and location takes more time then the actual meeting. Spend less time scheduling, and more time with people that matter.

Make Things Happen Faster

By making your available time visible to selected contacts, others can request meeting times that fit for everyone.


Are you the linchpin of your group who makes things happen? Whether for business or pleasure your calendar fills up fast and you spend a lot of time figuring out how to fit everyone into your daily schedule.

Organizing Made Easier

Side-by-side view of available time lets you pick the best slot for all invitees. Through the profile page, share your availability, privately or publicly, with your trusted network.

Improve Collaboration

MeetVibe increases scheduling efficiency across multiple calendars while you control the privacy settings.


You are a freelancer, consultant, handyman, mortgage broker or investment adviser. Your clients are extremely important and they are seeking your help. Improve the client experience with MeetVibe.

Increase Efficiency

Make yourself available and increase your chances to expand your business. Set your availability to public view and allow clients to schedule themselves into your open time.

Your Personal Assistant

The 24-hour RSVP limit lets clients know you will confirm quickly, then surprise them with an automated arrival text message.