MeetVibe for Business

MeetVibe for Business

Proximity Marketing

Advertise with in-app map icons, messages, and coupons. The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are now available offline through our Bluetooth beacon-based integrated solution. Engage in real time with prospects and gather powerful analytics about your customers’ proximity behavior.

Engage Your Visitors

Attract more customers to your venue by delivering welcome messages or tempting coupons at the entrance of the shop or on the hallways by promoting the best offers of the day to those passing-by near your venue. Surprise them with the information they want exactly when they need it – directly onto their mobile phones.

Real-time Analytics

Our beacons use geofencing to define an area for message delivery. Perimeter, time, date, and action triggering the message are all customizable settings. By staging several beacons throughout your venue powerful analytics can be gathered such as traffic patterns, heat mapping and visitors’ behavior.

Campaign & Analytics Plans

One-time Event Plans

PlanSmall EventMedium EventLarge Event
Number of UsersUp to 1K1K – 5K5K+
Price per Event$2,499$4,499Contact Us

Monthly Plans

Number of UsersUp to 1K1K – 5K5K+
Messages per Month50,000250,000500,000+
Monthly$299$499Contact Us

In-app Map Icon Plans

Number of Locations12 – 2525+
Monthly per Location$299$199Contact Us


Bluetooth Beacons are small transmitters that are permanently sending a signal in a distance from a few inches/centimeters (close), to a few foot/meters (near) and up to 70 meters to all devices that are listening for such a signal. Our devices work both with Apple’s iBeacon™ and Google’s Eddystone protocol.

UnitsPrice / Unit*DetailsImage
Enterprise Beacon$26.99External Power Supply / USB Powered With 4 AA Batteries. Black or White.
Beacon One$19.99Coin Cell Battery (CR2032). Black or White.
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*Bulk discounts available. Shipping and handling fees not included. All prices in U.S. Dollars.

Around Me Business Manager

Success. Powered by meaningful relationships. Manage your proximity-based campaigns through our Around Me Business Manager.

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